Snow Crisis, November 2014

P1010193We are doing everything we can to deal with the unprecedented accumulation of snow.

Our snowplow contractor has been out a couple times to do some clearing, but the sheer amount of snow is making the job difficult.

Our volunteers have been out using our on-site equipment, our tractor and our plow truck, however we are limited by this wet, slippery snow. Our plow has broken down twice.

If you can help in any capacity, please let us know! Your help will be greatly appreciated!

During this crisis, please check on your neighbors. Please verify they have:

  1. A functional furnace and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector.
  2. Supplies: (Food/Water)
  3. Other Necessities: (Prescriptions/etc.)

During the travel bans, if you require any items/supplies, or if your home becomes uninhabitable (loss of heat/water/electric), CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY. Emergency Services will assist you.

Please also call our office at 716-937-9693. We will do what we can to help.

A message from the town supervisor:

This is the town supervisor. All Sanitation pick up is cancelled for the rest of the week. Town Hall will be closed today. Please check your neighbors, especially the elderly. The fire company and the town employees are doing their best to manage the situation. Stay safe and no unnecessary travel until the system passes. Thank you. (Sent: Wed 11/19 10:28 866-4195)

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