Community Policy: Home Improvements

This is a brief summary and should be used for reference only! Please see your Community Rules and Regulations, or consult the Community Board for full rules and regulations on this subject.

Table of Contents:

  1. Interior Repairs, Modifications, or Improvements
  2. Exterior Repairs
  3. Exterior Modifications or Improvements
  4. Lot Modifications


Interior Repairs, Modifications, or Improvements

Please feel free to take on any interior project. You do not need to give notice to begin these project provided these do not modify the exterior structure of the home (such as the outer walls or roof).

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Exterior Repairs

Examples: Roof coating, replacement of windows, painting

Form Needed: Exterior Modification Form

Provided you are not changing the exterior structure of the home, and only making repairs, you only need to provide notice to the board using the above form. The board will inform you if any further steps will be needed, such as an insurance certificate from your professional contractor.

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Exterior Modifications or Improvements

Examples: New porch/deck, shed, cutting in a new door/window

Forms Needed: Exterior Modification Form AND Town Building Permit, where required.

If you are looking to perform a major project that would change the exterior structure of your home or lot, you may require a town building permit in addition to written board permission. This insures that all town zoning, building, and safety codes are followed.

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Lot Modifications

Examples: Gardens, Landscaping, Trees, Shrubs, Outdoor decorations

Forms Needed: Exterior Modification Form

You may plant flowers in existing gardens without notice.

All installed projects and decorations require written board permission prior to installation.

Gardens and landscaping must be installed no closer than 5 feet from the lot borders and street.

DO NOT DIG: Some underground utilities (i.e. Cable and Phone Lines) are as little as several inches deep. These cables are easily damaged by tree/plant roots and digging tools. Obtain written permission from the board and call-before-you-dig authorization before undertaking any digging project.

Standing Water: Erie County Department of Health has codes against standing water and conducts regular health and safety inspections. For this reason, residents may not place or install any standing water decorations, including bird bathes, landscaping ponds, etc.

Please see Community Rules and Regulations (Section 3) for further details. Please contact the Community Board with any questions you may have.

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