Community Meeting 11/10/2014

Thank you to those who attended tonight’s community meeting.

Among the topics discussed were:

  • New sign ideas for the “Library Open”
  • Newsletter topics and ideas
  • The topic of a Youth Council was tabled, however some more input may be required.
    • The Youth in our community has a voice and we want to hear it; We want to answer questions like:
      • Do they want something fixed/built?
      • Do kids/teens want a basketball court, or do they want something else?
      • Is anything troubling them in our community/at school? How can we, as a community, help?
  • Publishing the newsletter (sometime this month).
  • A community-participation contest is to be considered at the board meeting (11/15).
  • Snowplow markers (stakes) will be placed by the snowplow company this week.
  • Winter/Holiday Decorations and Lighting.
    • Anyone interested in helping decorate for the holidays, please meet at the office Sunday, November 23, by 10AM.
  • Gardening Ideas & planning ahead for spring.
    • Brickwork around the directory map garden – measure, price, and table to board.
    • Discussed 2 layers of paver bricks with 1 layer of cap.
  • Library:
    • Library hours reduced to appointment only for winter, or when board members are utilizing the office.
    • Please do not return or leave items (books, CDs/DVDs, games, etc.) outdoors at the office. They will become damaged from weather. The return or donation of library materials can be made to the homes of a board member if the office is closed.
    • Please call the office number, 937-9693, if you need assistance. This number forwards to my cell if no one is available at the office.

The next social/grounds committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 8, at 7PM.

We hope to see you there!

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