Annual Member Meeting Review

I would like to thank all the members that came to the member meeting. It was great to see some new faces in attendance.

The proposed budget covered two main points, no major changes to the budget, and no increase to rent! The rent has not been increased since we have become community owned.

Minor changes included a small shift in funds to office expense to allot funds for committee use, such as social and grounds committee expenses. We also highlighted that our maintenance program will continue as planned, and snow removal may have a slight increase due to a change in contractors (our previous contractor is retiring). Additionally, we will be adding salting to every third plow in the contracted plan, in an attempt to keep the ice down.

In a ballet vote, the proposed budget passed.

Board elections were held. Up for re-election were: Marcia Lanoye, Member-at-large; Jay Marble, Vice President.

Shoureen Berner, is currently serving as an appointed interim Community Secretary.

Added to the ballet for the board-at-large were: Kelley Gladd (self-nominated) and Lois Urban (proxy).

Lois Urban could not attend due to prior engagement. If elected to the board, Lois Urban would run for the Community Secretary office.

In ballet votes:

  • Marcia Lanoye was re-elected to the board, as Member-at-large.
  • Jay Marble was re-elected to the board, as Vice President.
  • Shoureen Berner was elected to the board, as Community Secretary.

An additional thank you to Kelley Gladd and Lois Urban for stepping up and running for the board!


Topics that were discussed:

  1. Homeowner’s Insurance, is it mandatory?
    1. How to we prove that homeowners have insurance?
    2. What do we do if a homeowner does not have insurance and there is a fire/etc?
    3. This issue will be revisited after further research.
  2. Community security:
    1. Specifically, security of the RV Parking Area.
    2. Neighborhood watch program was proposed.
  3. Newly paved basketball court area
    1. Organizing a community hockey tournament (2v2 / 3v3)
  4. Trees will be trimmed within a few weeks, anyone with a tree concern should contact us to have it addressed this season.
  5. A new tractor was proposed with a replacement cost ranging from $17,000 to $35,000.
  6. Jeff Crocker voiced some drainage concerns stemming from a driveway issue.
  7. Community Committees: Anyone can join!
    1. Social Committee, meets monthly/bi-monthly.
    2. Grounds Committee, meets seasonally, starting in April.
    3. A rules committee was discussed. This topic will be revisited.
    4. Check the bulletin board for updates
  8. Several residents commented regarding clarifying the community voting process.
    1. This must be handled with Keynote, who publishes the ballets.
    2. Residents with ideas to improve this process, please contact us.
  9. We discussed the ROC-USA sponsored Community Leadership Institute (CLI).
    1. ROC-USA is our primary finance company and mortgage lender.
    2. Dennis Jakubowski and Jay Marble were in attendance.
    3. ROC-USA is extremely pleased with our community and we are a shining example of what a Resident-Owned Community is all about!
    4. The CLI gives the leaders of our community a chance to network with other communities to find sales leads, grant writers, and other beneficial services for our community.


The next community event is scheduled for Saturday October 31 at 11 AM! We will be having a Halloween party for the kids! This will be held at the community office.


Our next community board meeting will be held on Saturday, November 21 at 10:00 AM at the Community Office (Lot #1).

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