Speed Bumps Painted

Volunteers At Work

Speed Bumps on Oak Drive and Poplar Avenue have been painted.

The speed bumps on Willow Lane and Hickory Lane will be painted later this week, weather permitting.

Speed bumps on Maple Avenue and on Oak Drive (near Maple Avenue Intersection) will not be painted, as they are slated to be repaved in the near future.

While we repaint the roads, we will paint one-half of the road at a time, allowing one side to dry, then we will paint the other half later in the day. This will allow for us to maintenance the road, and traffic to continue to flow.

  • Road cones will mark the wet paint.
  • Please do not walk on, ride bicycles, or drive on wet paint.
  • Please do not drive on grass/lawns.
  • Paint will usually take 4 to 6 hours to dry.


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