All Terrain Vehicles and Scooters Prohibited

A Reminder to Residents:

The operation of dirt bikes, ATVs, go-karts, and scooters is prohibited on community property.

If you witness a resident, or guest, operating an ATV within the community, please note: names, dates, times, addresses, photos, and any other information you can provide and Contact Us right away.

If the resident/guest is using the ATV on the roadways or is being unsafe, please call 911 and inform the police dispatcher.

ATVs may be kept on the premises, provided they remain atop and attached to a trailer and parked in the RV Lot (south of Hickory Lane).

Community Rules: Section 4

4.8. “Vehicles that are prohibited from being brought in, used or parked in the park: mini-bikes, tractor trailers, school buses, and commercial trailers for hauling. None of these vehicles may be stored or parked for over 3 hours anywhere in the Park.”

4.9. “All NYS laws pertaining to operating a motor vehicle pertain to driving on park roads…” Including, but not limited to:

NY Vehicle and Traffic Law:


§401.1.a. No motor vehicle shall be operated or driven upon the public highways of this state without first being registered in accordance with the provisions of this article, except as otherwise expressly provided in this chapter.


§ 509. 1. Except while operating a motor vehicle during the course of a road test conducted pursuant to the provisions of this article, no person shall operate or drive a motor vehicle upon a public highway of this state or upon any sidewalk or to or from any lot adjacent to a public garage, supermarket, shopping center or car washing establishment or to or from or into a public garage or car washing establishment unless he is duly licensed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

4.10. “Electronic and/or battery operated toys/cars/scooters may never be operated on Park roads or at Park office.”


The only exception to this is a medical-issued power-chair/scooter. Copies of documents will need to be on file with the community board for insurance purposes. Contact Us with questions.

Questions? Comments?

We welcome questions/comments via our Contact Us page.

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