Paving Project 2014

Our paving project for 2014 has been completed!

A special thanks to Thomann Asphalt for their exemplary work again this year. They did an outstanding job on September 18 and 19.


We paved:

  • Hickory Lane Entrance:
    • Newly paved and leveled from Three Rod Road to Maple Avenue intersection
    • Speed Bump installed near entrance.
    • Small guest parking area
  • Maple Avenue Entrance, New Parking Area:
    • Intended for use by the School Bus Pick-up/Drop-off, Community Office, and Community Social Gatherings
    • Located across from Community Office, Lot #1
  • Oak Drive:
    • Newly paved from Maple Avenue intersection to Hickory Lane intersection
    • A patch in front of Lot #168 was placed to repair a very large pot hole.
  • Willow Lane:
    • Speed Bump installed near lot #39/40
    • West end of the street was worn to gravel, this was repaved.
    • West end corner was squared to allow for better access and easier snow removal.
  • Poplar Street:
    • 60′ section was leveled and repaved near lot #106 and the septic field.
    • A speed bump was installed near lot 98/99.
  • Potholes filled/patched, numerous, throughout the community.
  • Access road:
    • We recycled the scrap road millings (asphalt gravel) from this project and use it to fill in and build up our access road between Poplar Street and Oak Drive. This saves the community money by not needing to haul this durable material off site.

Any questions or comments, please contact us.

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